Advanced Training Certificates

Advanced Training Certificate in the Integration of Spirituality and Religion in Counseling

The following four courses are based on the nine competencies specified by the Association of Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC), a division of the American Counseling Association. The Council for the Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) has encouraged all counselor education programs to infuse and integrate these competencies into the curriculum.

CN 0410Grief and Loss Counseling3
CN 0446Spirituality and Counseling3
CN 0515Trauma and Crisis Intervention3
CN 0525Spirituality and Wellness3
Total Credits12

Advanced Training Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling

The following six courses are based on the competencies established by the Connecticut Certificate Board for Drug and Alcohol Counseling. Completion of these courses is required in order to sit for the certification exam that can lead to credentialing as a Licensed Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor (LADC).

CN 0455Group Work: Theory and Practice3
CN 0465Introduction to Substance Abuse and Addictions3
CN 0466Substance Abuse Interventions3
CN 0555Substance Abuse Counseling: Skills and Strategies3
CN 0557Co-occuring Disorders in Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling3
CN 0565Substance Abuse and the Family3
Total Credits18